Industrial Floors

Unique Solutions For Your Industrial Concrete Floor and How Our Polyurea Application System is Superior To Epoxy Floors

Industrial floors must take a lot of rough wear and tear from forklifts, carts and people through constant use. Our polyurea polyaspartic concrete floor coating system will withstand rough use, high traffic, chemical spills and much more without damaging the floor. We can apply the polyurea polyaspartic coating to your warehouse or factory floor within a short time, letting you resume work quickly. This is possible because polyaspartic cures rapidly, providing a beautiful floor that is durable with low maintenance. Your industrial floor will also brighten your facility, lowering your energy bills and keeping your floor looking great for years.

What makes polyurea polyaspartic perfect for your industrial floors?

Polyurea polyaspartic integrates with your concrete floor, becoming a part of it. Following our specialized surface preparation techniques, we apply the polyurea polyaspartic coating to the concrete floor. The polyurea coat blends with the concrete, soaking into its pores, strengthening it and making it air tight, unlike epoxy floors where the epoxy just sticks to the surface. Our heavy-duty polyurea polyaspartic coating resists spills and moisture and never becomes discolored.

Level concrete floors

With Espartic polyurea polyaspartic coating, your warehouse and industrial floors stays level with consistent thickness across the floor, which is something that is not possible with epoxy floor coating. Read about our Floor coating process to know how we do it.

Non-slip safe floors

Polyurea polyaspartic coating is especially engineered to be flexible over the concrete floor, preventing cracks. Since non-slip aggregate is built into each layer, it does not come loose with wear and tear. Your industrial floor will remain non-slip, exceeding OSHA’s standards and helping you avoid slip and fall accidents.

Low maintenance, easy to clean

With our specialized coating, your concrete floor becomes far easier to maintain because of its resistance to dirt. There are fewer micro-scratches, so the coating resists dirt and bacterial growth, giving you a floor that is hygienic and easy to clean. You only need a neoprene squeegee and broom to remove the minimal dirt and moisture, helping you save labor costs. You will never see water pooling on the floor because of our superior grinding technique that levels the floor.

Areas we serve for commercial and residential concrete flooring projects are in and around Kansas, Ks and the Midwest, including Hutchinson, Derby, El Dorado, Newton, Haysville, Wichita, Topeka, Olathe, Overland Park, Gardner, Lansing, Leawood, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Merriam, Ottawa, Prairie Village and Shawnee.