Kansas Industrial Building Gets New Concrete Floor

Kansas Concrete Floor

The owners of the industrial building in Kansas, shown above, wanted a concrete floor coating that would improve the lighting. As you can see, there are very few windows and they are small, projecting minimal natural light.
The color and reflection of our polyurea coating illuminates the room. One of the benefits of our polyurea coating… [Read more...]

How To Maintain Your New Wichita Concrete Garage Floor

Cleaning your new garage floor in Wichita or any town where we have applied our polyurea is simple, inexpensive and effective.
Starting with the photo in the gallery, above left, show the tools you need. They are  most likely a one time purchase and available at most home improvement or hardware stores.
Tools Needed:

Wet Vac – this… [Read more...]

Design Options For Your Kansas Garage or Industrial Floor

The photos above show some of the unlimited options for customizing and adding curb appeal to your garage, retail or industrial floor.
The featured graphics are customized on a computer system and printed out in high definition perforated cloth. Any size is possible. The graphics are applied to the first coat of our polyurea system and… [Read more...]

We specialize in application of high performance polyurea coatings for a variety of residential and commercial concrete flooring

Our national network provides the capability to complete 500 square foot garage floors to 100,000 square foot commercial projects

Decorative options range from utilitarian, industrial grays, to designer options for retail and restaurant floors

Our polyurea coatings prevent bacteria growth with improved air quality

Our concrete restoration and coatings application systems provide long term solutions

New Decorative Colors

We have numerous decorative chip color combinations and sizes to accommodate your interior design. We now have designer sparkle chips which are very popular for restaurant and retail store flooring. Espartic polyurea comes in clear as well and can be applied over stained concrete floors. Give us a call to discuss the options available.
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Wichita Kansas Location

We are located in Wichita, Kansas but service the entire state and throughout the Midwest. Our growing network of Espartic professional applicators throughout the Midwest provides us with unique flexibility to handle any size project with the right combination of skilled manpower and equipment. Whether a 2,000 square foot retail store or 100,000 square… [Read more...]