Floor Graphics

G1 Concrete Coatings can apply custom floor logos and decorative graphics and designs as required. Challenge Us! Logos are applied between coats, protecting them from forklifts, foot traffic, and hot tires.

Custom Floor Logo Application Process

Custom graphics are made in high-resolution images on perforated cloth that is applied between coats of polyaspartic / polyurea. The surface coats protect the graphics from clean solutions, furniture moves, vehicle traffic, and foot traffic.

Expect Perfection

G1 Concrete Coatings can create nearly any size graphic on your floor. Options are virtually unlimited and typically take only a couple days to create. Our polyurea coatings afford minimal maintenance and do not yellow with time, so the glass-like clarity of your custom images will be unaltered.

Next Steps to Personalization with Custom Floor Graphics

Enhance your new floor coating with a custom floor logo or floor graphic. Just email us your design or provide us with image ideas and we will create your personalized floor graphic. The application process is fast and does not add any extra time to the coating process.