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What Are Polyaspartic Polyurea Concrete Coatings And What Makes Them Special?

What are polyaspartics?

EsparticPolyurea polyaspartic is a highly durable, high-performance concrete coating that is professionally applied to make concrete flooring practically permanent. Epoxies, in use since the 1940s, have been the only industrial concrete floor coating available. These were satisfactory as concrete coatings until polyurea polyaspartics revolutionized concrete coating technology four years ago.

What makes polyaspartics special?

To know this, it is important to know the benefits of our coating system. Espartic polyurea polyaspartic cures rapidly. It soaks into the concrete, filling all the gaps and sealing them tight. The flooring is easy to clean. By flexing with movements in the concrete, the coating does not crack like epoxy. Espartic is scratch-proof and chemical-resistant. It does not turn yellow like epoxy. Most of all, the project only takes half the time to install as epoxy coatings, resulting in less downtime for our clients.

Less time to apply

Compared to epoxies, Espartic coatings can be applied quickly, and the client can use the floor a day after the job is done. Once applied, the polyureas soak into the floor’s surface, unlike epoxy, which sticks to the surface.

Surface preparation

For epoxy, the surface is prepared using a shot blaster which shoots thousands of small ball bearings at the concrete flooring. This process makes the surface similar to coarse sandpaper giving the epoxy a larger surface area to stick to. For polyaspartic polyurea, the surface preparation is with a floor grinder that sands the concrete surface, levels it and opens the surface pores. The polyaspartic polyurea is then applied with a roller and soaks into the floor, which absorbs it like a sponge.

Quality and performance

As the polyaspartic polyurea cures, it becomes integrated with the floor, making it moisture- and crack-resistant. Epoxy, because it sticks to the surface, can delaminate and crack under pressure.

Polyaspartic polyurea coating makes your concrete floor almost permanent. Even if it needs some restoration work after several years, this can be done without removing the previous coat, unlike epoxy floors.

Espartic can incorporate decorative chips and colors to give it a variety of decorative looks like granite or terrazzo. You can also include artwork like your logo in the floor.

Polyaspartic polyurea coating is perfect for high traffic areas like garage flooring, commercial kitchens, hospitals, warehouses, storefront flooring and customer service areas.