Garage Floor Epoxy Repair Salina Kansas

Epoxy Repair Salina Kansas

This was an epoxy garage floor repair project we completed in Salina Texas. The owner purchased a kit to resurface the existing concrete surface. He followed the instructions step by step making sure it was completed properly. Apparently the floor looked excellent when complete. He even stayed off the floor for 8 days to make sure it was fully cured.

Finally the owner moved his motorcycle on the surface and as is typical with the DIY kits the epoxy coating started peeling off the surface.

The solution we provided was to grind the failed coating off the floor followed by grinding the top cementitious layer. This opened the pores allowing our coating to soak into the surface. The next coat was a 12 mil top coat with a full chip application. As you can see the new coating came out excellent. It will last for years. If you would like more information on the following epoxy contact A1 Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

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