Garage Floor Epoxy Repair Salina Kansas

Epoxy Repair Salina Kansas

This was an epoxy garage floor repair project we completed in Salina Texas. The owner purchased a kit to resurface the existing concrete surface. He followed the instructions step by step making sure it was completed properly. Apparently the floor looked excellent when complete. He even stayed off the floor for 8 days to make… [Read more...]

Decorative Concrete Kansas

Decorative Concrete Kansas

We have numerous decorative concrete options for our clients throughout Kansas. Each floor has unique problems requiring various solutions. That includes function and design challenges that we are faced with every day.
As you can see in the photos here, the decorative options are vast. We use a combination of overlays with integral color and dyes,… [Read more...]

Garage Cabinet Photos For Your Kansas Home

The process of choosing garage cabinets for your Kansas home starts with extensive measuring. We measure for corners, doors, outlets, windows, drains, cut outs and ceilings. Then we measure what you plan to store in them.
We also measure for wall panels and storage of items like garden tools, sporting goods and bicycles. There are options… [Read more...]

Epoxy Floor Coating Photos Ks

Epoxy floor coating is the general term for concrete coatings but new technologies has created new products with a different name. The product we use is a polyurea. It looks and performs like epoxies with superior features and benefits. Application systems are different as well.
Polyurea Features and Benefits

Surface Preparation – Polyureas soak into the floor,… [Read more...]

Epoxy Floor Coatings, Industrial and Garage Kansas Ks

Industrial and Garage Polyurea and Epxy Coatings Kansas, Ks

In recent years we have expanded our epoxy floor coatings into advanced technology polyureas throughout Kansas, Ks.
We have found extraordinary results for both industrial and garage  applications. Polyureas are very technical. They require extensive training and investment into specialized surface preparation equipment.
The most important proceedure with polyureas is to grind the floor to a flat… [Read more...]

Industrial Floor Coatings Ks

Industrial Floor Coatings Ks

We specialize in industrial floor coatings throughout Kansas ( Ks ) like in the photos pictured here. Most of the projects we complete are range from garage floors to large warehouse projects in the range of 500 – 20,000 square feet. We have a strong network of affiliates giving us the capability to service small… [Read more...]

Kansas Industrial Garage Floor Coatings

Kansas Industrial Garage Floor Coatings

We install industrial garage floor coatings throughout Kansas. We also provide complete remodeling services including steel and wood organizational cabinets.
The garage remodeling market has expanded for a few reasons. It seems that the majority of our clients choose a remodel to expand the existing space in their home rather than moving into a larger property.
It’s… [Read more...]

Wichita Kansas Garage Floor Coating and Organization Cabinets

Wichita Kansas Garage Floor Coatingd and Organizatio Cabinets

Here’s another one of our garage floor coating projects we completed in Wichita Kansas. This one, the client was looking for not just a new floor, but a complete remodel including custom organization cabinets.
It takes some planning to get these projects together. First we need to work with the client to know what exactly they… [Read more...]

Kansas Industrial Floor Coatings

Many of the industrial floor projects we restore in Kansas are like the one featured here. Notice in the top photo how the epoxy is chipping off the floor. This was caused due to a few reasons.

Improper Surface Preparation – Likely the floor was etched with an acid solution. Acid particles get in the pores… [Read more...]

Kansas Epoxy Repair

Kansas Epoxy Repair

Many of the projects we complete throughout Kansas start with epoxy repair. Frequently the coating was improperly applied or was an inferior or wrong grade of epoxy.
As you can see in the above photos, this was a project where the coating started to delaminate and chip. We were able to remove some of the coating… [Read more...]