Floor Repair

Transforming Your Concrete Floor To New With Perfect Crack and Spalling Repair

Our unique concrete crack repair product is a specialized, technologically advanced polyurea that repairs cracks and spalling with the perfect waterproof solution. Whether it is a crack repair job or a complete makeover for your flooring, we will provide you with a durable, waterproof floor that is beautiful, easy to maintain, non-slip and hygienic.

Concrete and crack repair

Our concrete repair process begins with proper surface preparation, because this forms the basis for the perfect repair job with polyurea polyaspartic coating. This involves the use of specialized equipment to repair cracks and spalling and apply the polyaspartic coating.

Our crack repair technique ensures that cracks are thoroughly filled with polyurea and cured. It is not just a coat on the surface like epoxy floors. Polyurea soaks into the floor and blends with it, becoming a part of the floor. After this, we grind the floor to make it perfectly level before applying the polyaspartic coating. The result is a superior concrete floor that is smooth, easy to clean and will look new for years to come.

We repair concrete spalling

Concrete floors tend to develop a condition called spalling that damages the concrete, particularly as a result of de-icing salts, rebar corrosion and other chemicals that erode the surface. Our polyurea polyaspartic coating is the perfect solution to this problem. Through our spalling and crack repair process, we remove loose portions of the damaged surface and fill them with polyurea. After this gets absorbed into the pores and cures, we sand it to a level so that there is no chance of future seepage. After this, the polyaspartic coating is applied to give your concrete floor the beautiful finish that you see.

We also cover expansion joints

Expansion joints are also a concrete repair issue, and the process for repairing these is the same as with crack repair. The unique property of our polyurea polyaspartic coating is that it flexes with the concrete floor, preventing the possibility of cracking.

After crack repair work is done, you have the option of customizing your concrete floor with graphics, decorative chips, custom logos and colors. What you get is a permanent concrete floor that enhances your space. It is easy to maintain because it resists the accumulation of dirt.

Our commercial and residential concrete flooring and crack repair projects are in and around Kansas and the Midwest, including Hutchinson, Derby, El Dorado, Newton, Haysville, Wichita, Topeka, Olathe, Overland Park, Gardner, Lansing, Leawood, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Merriam, Ottawa, Prairie Village and Shawnee.

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