Epoxy Floor Coatings, Industrial and Garage Kansas Ks

Industrial and Garage Polyurea and Epxy Coatings Kansas, Ks

In recent years we have expanded our epoxy floor coatings into advanced technology polyureas throughout Kansas, Ks.

We have found extraordinary results for both industrial and garage  applications. Polyureas are very technical. They require extensive training and investment into specialized surface preparation equipment.

The most important proceedure with polyureas is to grind the floor to a flat surface removing the highs and lows. A flat surface will result in application with consistent thickness throughout. Epoxy coatings require a different floor prep system. Shotblasting is the preferred prep method for epoxies but will not remove highs and lows in the surface. Epoxies are self leveling which means inconsistent thickness. Some areas are thick, others are thin. We have seen rapid wear at the thin areas of application.

A polyurea looks the same as epoxies initially. However polyureas do not scratch as easy and are low maintenance. We have found they wear much better over the long term.

We use decorative chips in 1/4 and 1/16th inch. The smaller chips look like granite. For non slip performance we use a glass aggregate that is not porous. It will not absorb dirt nor get dirty. This is a big factor for long term performance. Epoxies scratch with frayed edges trapping dirt. If a quartz is added this will cause additional coloring issues. Quartz is porous and absorb dirt. Floors look great at first but discolor quickly.

Polyureas have features increasing performance with cost efficiency over the long term.

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