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Epoxy floor coating is the general term for concrete coatings but new technologies has created new products with a different name. The product we use is a polyurea. It looks and performs like epoxies with superior features and benefits. Application systems are different as well.

Polyurea Features and Benefits

  1. Surface Preparation – Polyureas soak into the floor, epoxies stick to the surface. Polyureas need a floor that has been ground smooth removing highs and lows in the surface. This allows the coatings to soak into the flooring becoming part of the cement. This prevents possibilty of coating failure from moisture pressure.
  2. Crack and Patch Repair - Polyurea repair products are activated by moisture and compatible with polyureas whereas many crack and repair products will not hold up to moisture and lack the chemical cross linking with epoxies.
  3. Scratch Resistant – Scratched epoxies have frayed edges that trap moisture and dirt. Polyureas develop straight edges that do not trap dirt and moisture. They are easy to keep clean.
  4. Non Slip – Epoxy surface prep requires shotblasting creating increased surface area like with coarse sandpaper. The negative is this system does not remove the highs and lows in the floor. It merely follows the surface. The result is a coating thick in the low areas, thin in the highs. Non slip aggregate becomes non existant in thick areas as it settles to coating bottom. In high areas where it’s thin, the non slip aggregate protrudes the surface and is easily dislodged.  Polyureas are a consistent thickness with controlled non slip aggregate. It works.
  5. Decorative – We use 1/16th inch chips that are not porous and looks like quartz. Quartz though decorative is porous and absorbs dirt. Extensive cleaning of a dirty quartz epoxy floor inreases porosity making floor even dirtier.

These features are not apparent to consumers until well after the floor gets used.  Though the word epoxy may be generic for industrial coatings, polyureas solve the problems that have plagued concrete floor owners for decades. For more information read through our site or call us at 316-303-1772. We are based in Wichita Ks and travel throughout the state.

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