Wichita Kansas Garage Floor Coating and Organization Cabinets

Wichita Kansas Garage Floor Coatingd and Organizatio Cabinets

Here’s another one of our garage floor coating projects we completed in Wichita Kansas. This one, the client was looking for not just a new floor, but a complete remodel including custom organization cabinets.

It takes some planning to get these projects together. First we need to work with the client to know what exactly they plan to store. Then everything needs to be measured. Garden tools, gold clubs, tools all need a place. We organize by ease of access and frequency of use.The process can get very involved, especially if the owner uses the space for a hobby, like car collecting.

Once everything is measured we order all the cabinets. Then we plan the floor coating application to be finished just before the cabinets arrive. Ideally we store all the goods outside the garage, apply the coating, install the cabinets and finally place all the customers goods and accessories in their appropriate place.

When complete it’s like adding a new  addition to the home. Interested in a garage floor coating sysytem your home? Give us a call at 1-316-303-1772. We’re based in Wichita Kansas and travel the state depending on the project size.

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