Kansas Industrial Garage Floor Coatings

Kansas Industrial Garage Floor Coatings

We install industrial garage floor coatings throughout Kansas. We also provide complete remodeling services including steel and wood organizational cabinets.

The garage remodeling market has expanded for a few reasons. It seems that the majority of our clients choose a remodel to expand the existing space in their home rather than moving into a larger property.

It’s also because the quality of floor coating products and application systems produce flooring that lasts indefinitely. Until a few years ago coating technology had not progressed.  It was not profitable for an applicator to install a high quality industrial finish. It just took to long. A premium epoxy took at least 4 days to install. That meant an applicator could only do 1 job per week.

Today there are polyureas that can be applied in 1 day. Typically the first day is surface preparation including crack repair and grinding. The second day was application of two coats. Now an applicator can complete 2-3 jobs per week with superior results. Now it is a profitable business. An applicator doesn’t have to sacrifice quality to make a profit.

As quality has improved, so has the development of garage cabinets. The combination of advanced flooring technology and improved organizational cabinets has led to home owners utilizing valuable space in their garage.

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