Kansas Industrial Floor Coatings

Many of the industrial floor projects we restore in Kansas are like the one featured here. Notice in the top photo how the epoxy is chipping off the floor. This was caused due to a few reasons.

  1. Improper Surface Preparation – Likely the floor was etched with an acid solution. Acid particles get in the pores of the surface. They are reactivated when the coating is applied causing the coating to fail.
  2. Damaged Surface - In the second image you can see the coating was merely applied to rough concrete. The surface should have been ground smooth.
  3. Low Quality Coating Application – In the third photo you can see how the tire marks leave an impression. Low quality coatings get dirty and unattractive fast. They can also become very slippery.
  4. Faulty Surface Repair – You can see in the fourth photo that the filler used never fully cured. The coatings were applied to a wet filler. It never had a chance of surviving.
  5. Grinding Off The Old Coating – In this image we ground off the old coating and created a new, smooth surface and repaired.

The final photo shows a newly resurfaced floor that will last for years. If your industrial floor coating is old or failing we can restore it. We grind the old coating completely off the surface. We fill all the cracks properly and resurface with a high performance polyurea. We add a non slip aggregate to each layer exceeding OSHA recommended levels of safety. We service Kansas and neighboring states.

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