Kansas Epoxy Repair

Kansas Epoxy Repair

Many of the projects we complete throughout Kansas start with epoxy repair. Frequently the coating was improperly applied or was an inferior or wrong grade of epoxy.

As you can see in the above photos, this was a project where the coating started to delaminate and chip. We were able to remove some of the coating with a scraper and the balance were ground off with our dustless vacuum system. We use coarse diamond blades which will easily remove the failed coatings in most cases.

In some cases the applicator didn’t bother or fix the large air holes on the surface. As you can imagine, if the air holes are not opened and properly repaired, the new coating has nothing of substance to adhere to. In these cases we chip out the old concrete and fill with our polyurea crack filler. When there are cracks we fill completely, then we grind the floor to a smooth level finish.

Once the floor is properly prepared we apply our polyurea concrete coating. Now your set with a quality system that will endure for years. If you need to repair your epoxy contact us at the number above. We are located in Wichita Kansas.

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